Let's Talk About Assessment

De-Streaming Choice Board


  • How do you define equitable assessment? 
  • How do you define equitable evaluation?
  • What do you think the difference is between assessment and evaluation?
  • What steps could you take to ensure that assessment practices in your classroom are culturally responsive and equitable?
  • How could an assessment help us to learn about our students, not sort them?
  • How could we take what we learn to revise and refine our practice to support all students and make our classrooms equitable?
  • What are different forms of evidence that you would accept to ensure that students have choice and voice to demonstrate their learning and reflect and celebrate their social and cultural identities?
  • What is one assessment tool that I would like to learn more about?  Who could I engage in a conversation to explore my wonderings?


It’s not too late to sign up for the Building Thinking Classrooms book club! If you’re interested in participating and did not indicate so in the follow-up survey to February’s PD days, please submit your board email address in the field below. We look forward to learning about this engaging and inlcusive approach to instruction and assessment with you!


Do you have questions and/or suggestions for the De-Streaming Team? Would you like to contribute to the planning for future professional learning around de-streaming? Share your thoughts using the following form!


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