Yes, mathematics can be ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly.’ Just as it’s hard to describe what makes a piece of music or a painting aesthetically pleasing, it’s equally difficult to describe what makes a mathematical theorem or a physical theory beautiful. A beautiful theory will be simple, compact, and spare; it will give a sense of completeness and often an eerie sense of symmetry.

– Charles Seife

What is BHNmath?

Currently in its infancy, BHNmath is an ever-growing Ontario mathematics resource centre. Available completely online, it is designed to meet the needs of students, parents and teachers. BHNmath features a varitey of high-quality and meticulously reviewed original resources that are perfectly aligned with the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum. Developed through interaction with its users, BHNmath is intended to supplement (not replace) classroom learning. 

Who are the intended users of BHNmath?


  • strengthen, reinforce and enrich classroom learning 
  • catch up on missed lessons
  • work at own pace with a variety of resources
  • check understanding using numerous self assessments
  • make connections between mathematics and the real world
  • prepare for tests, exams and EQAO assessment
  • deepen understanding with challenge problems
  • view tips on learning, studying and doing math


  • receive suggestions for supporting children in learning mathematics 
  • access all lesson material 
  • view tips about common mistakes and misunderstandings
  • receive advice on what to look for in childrens’ work 
  • obtain information and recommendations regarding pathways in mathematics 


  • access a library of classroom-ready teaching resources
  • utilize material for enrichment, gap closing and remediation
  • view suggestions for lesson sequencing and delivery
  • integrate engaging activities into classroom instruction
  • customize documents, presentations and other resources

Why use BHNmath?

  • a large variety of engaging and dynamic resources, seamlessly aligned with the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum, all available in one location
  • a huge selection of practice problems and worked examples in numerous formats
  • a clean layout and intuitive navigation to easily and correctly locate the desired resources
  • connections between mathematics and real-world applications
  • instant feedback from interactive activities
  • developed with input from students, parents and teachers
  •  editable materials for customized delivery

What types of resources does BHNmath feature?

  • interactive lessons
  • dynamic applets
  • virtual assessments
  • videos
  • print documents
  • relevant links
  • customizable Microsoft Work documents
  • customizable Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Promethean ActivInspire flipcharts

How can BHNmath be used?


  • lectures by teachers
  • discovery based investigations
  • diagnostic assessment
  • additional practice
  • enrichment
  • computer lab visits
  • flipped classrooms
  • group review of course topics
  • group preparation for tests, exams and EQAO
  • examplars


  • independent learning
  • self assessment
  • solidifying understanding
  • catching up or moving ahead
  • revisiting topics learned in previous courses
  • review of course topics
  • test, exam and EQAO preparation
  • remediation
  • gap closing
  • as part of alternate education courses
  • parental awareness and involvement